The Princess Grace Hospital Centre

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Template:Expand Italian The Princess Grace Hospital Centre (Template:Lang-fr) is a hospital located in Monaco. It's renamed in honor of Princess Grace.


By 1818, there were no hospitals or charitable institution in Monaco, the Prince Honoré V had the idea of building a modern hospital in the west part of Monaco, in the district of The Salines. It was Prince Albert I who made this project happen between the 19th and 20th century. The hospital was inaugurated in 1902 as the Monaco Hospital by that time the hospital had 120 beds.

In 1949, with the accession to the throne of Prince Rainier III, a service of pediatrics was created: The house Rainier III.

The Government refounded the Hospital in September, 1958 with the opening of the Polyclinic, the new hospital complex was renamed The Princess Grace Hospital Centre, in honor of Princess Grace, always committed with humanitarian projects, of solidarity and health. Coincidentally, Princess Grace died there as a result from injuries caused by a car accident in 1982. In 2011, her sister-in-law, Princess Antoinette, died there too.

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