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The Warren School, also known as Warren Comprehensive School, is a mixed secondary school in Chadwell Heath in Greater London. The School is a 11 to 19 provider and is part of the North East 6th form consortium (All Saints, Robert Clack and Eastbrook secondary schools).

The school is split into four houses: Dyson House, Sugar House, Baylis House and Branson House. On 1 September 2010 the school was granted specialist status in Engineering and Sports.

Special Measures

Following the most recent Ofsted inspection the school has been graded Inadequate in all areas, and as a result of comments such as "Teaching is inadequate and does not ensure students make enough progress, especially in mathematics and science", the school has been placed in Special Measures. Despite this, the school currently displays outdated inspection information on their website.

Exam Performance

The latest citable figures show that the school was the worst performer in Barking and Dagenham for percentage of pupils attaining five good GCSEs or equivalent in 2012. However, the number of students achieving five good GCSEs or equivalent has risen to 56% in 2013.Template:Citation needed These results were the most improved results in local authority for 2012/13.Template:Citation needed

Landmark Ruling

The Secretary of State, Michael Gove, ignored the schools attempts to federate with Robert Clack School, and decided the school should become an Academy. The Secretary of state imposed a Interim Executive Board and Academy Order on 6 January. On 16 January 2014 Barking and Dagenham Local Authority and the governing body of Warren School gained a High Court injunction against Michael Gove’s plans to impose academy status on the school. <ref name=aca></ref><ref name="ch">Template:Cite news</ref>

Mr Justice Collins ruled that an Interim Executive Board and Academy Order could not go ahead until there had been proper consultation on the school’s plans to federate with the nearby Robert Clack School. The Judge said “this decision should never have been made", and Michael Gove had failed to make any arguments against the council’s alternative proposal. Mr Justice Collins said it seemed that present Secretary of State "thinks academies are the cat's whiskers - but we know some of them are not". <ref name=aca/></ref name="ch">

This is the first school to successfully challenge such an order.</ref name="ch">



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