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The Wayout is a nightclub venue in London.

Formed in 1993, it is London's best known transgender venues and the first to hold a regular Saturday night event.

The WayOut Club founded in 1993 by Vicky Lee and Steffan Whitfield has received reviews in the mainstream media Evening Standard, People, Time Out magazine as well is in more specialist titles such as Gay Times.

In 2008 the club won 'Sparkle' prestigious 'Best Transgender Nightclub' at Manchester 'Sparkle' TG Celebration Festival. This award was voted across the internet by international consensus.

The club moved from venue to venue around London 7 times over the first 5 years but in 1998 settled for 14 years at Charlie's in Crosswall (off Minories) in the City of London In June 2012 Charlie's had to close and the club moved using two venues on the same block. Abbey - 33 Minories, City of London, EC3N 1DD and 2AD - 2 Crutched Friars, City of London, EC3N 2HT the reason for using two venues was due to availability of Saturday dates at short notice. The club but aims to settle at Abbey - 33 Minories, City of London, EC3N 1DD in January 2013 for the foreseeable future.

Up until 2005 The WayOut Club's performances were led by the very charismatic Steffan Whitfield a female impersonator who had numerous stage and screen appearances including Eastenders (BBC) and Spiceworld - the Movie. Steffan won several contests and acclaims both in the UK and internationally, he died from cancer in August 2005 leaving his admirers in shock. His stage partner and co-founder of the club, T-Girl and Inbetweeny, Vicky Lee has since ensured that the club continues to provide a top class night out for cross-dressers, transgender girls, drag queens and their respectful friends and admirers.

The WayOut Club has been a breeding ground for Transgender and Drag talent. The club has held talent searches and now offers a guest spot before the booked show to anyone who has a talent to share. Many of those that have taken up this offer have gone on to perform regularly at WayOut and have gone on to perform widely at other venues



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