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Torre Mapfre is a skyscraper in the Port Olímpic (Olympic Port), the maritime neighborhood of the Old City of Barcelona in Spain. It is named after its owner, Mapfre, an insurance company. Are also present in the tower : ExoClick, Dorlet, Europerfil, Madrid Leasing (CAJA MADRID), Condal Grues, URSSA Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa, Flex Multimedia Advertising SL (Flex Multimedia Group LTD), Oriol Bohigues, Necso, Uniland Cementera S.A, Cementos Portland Valderrivas, Zardoya Otis, Texsa S.A, Oliver Wyman.

This tower holds the title for highest helipad in Spain at 505 feet above ground. Unlike its twin, Hotel Arts Barcelona this tower is a mixed use tower.

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  • Hotel Arts, tied with Torre Mapfre for the title of tallest building in Barcelona
  • Torre Agbar, third-tallest building in Barcelona

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