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The Basel tramway network (Template:Lang-de) is a network of tramways forming part of the public transport system in Basel, a city in Switzerland, and its two associated cantons. It consists of 13 lines. Due to its longevity (the network is now more than a century old), it is part of Basel's heritage, and, alongside the Basel Minster, is one of the symbols of the city.

The trams on the network are operated by two transport providers: Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (Basel Transport Service) (BVB) and Baselland Transport (BLT).

BVB is owned by, and operates in, Basel-Stadt, the small canton containing the inner city. Its green trams operate mostly in the city, although the termini of its lines 3 and 6 are in the more rural canton of Basel-Land.

BLT is owned by Basel-Land, and its yellow and red trams operate in the outer suburbs to the south of Basel. However, the three lines it operates, lines 10, 11 and 17, all also run over BVB track in central Basel. In addition line 14, while owned by BLT, is operated by BVB well into Basel-Land.


The first line of the Basel tramway network was opened on 6 May 1895. It followed the route Centralbahnhof–Marktplatz–Mittlere Brücke–Aeschenplatz–Badischer Bahnhof.

The network grew quickly. In 1897, six new sections were put in service, with one linking Basel and Birsfelden.

In 1900, the Basel tramway network acquired an international dimension, when a new cross-border line was opened to Sankt-Ludwig (now Saint-Louis, Haut-Rhin), in the then German Empire.

From that year until 1936, at least one section of the network was modified each year. In 1934, upon the opening of a new section of line from Margarethenstr. to Binningen, the network reached its greatest length of Template:Convert.

During the two World Wars, services were suspended on the parts of the line extending beyond Switzerland's borders. After World War II, several lines were closed. In 1958, the total length of the network's routes was Template:Convert.

In 1974, the several companies that had been operating the suburban lines were merged to form the new company bearing the name Baselland Transport AG (BLT).


No. Route Operator
1 Dreirosenbrücke ? Bahnhof SBB (? Badischer Bahnhof) BVB
2 Binningen Kronenplatz ? Eglisee (? Riehen Dorf) BVB
3 Burgfelden Grenze ? Birsfelden Hard BVB
6 Allschwil ? Riehen Grenze BVB
8 Neuweilerstrasse ? Kleinhüningen BVB
10 Rodersdorf ? Dornach BLT
11 St. Luis Grenze ? Aesch BLT
14 Dreirosenbrücke ? Pratteln BVB
15 Messeplatz ? Bruderholz BVB
16 Bruderholz ? Schifflände BVB
17 Wiesenplatz ? Ettingen BLT
21 Bahnhof St. Johann ? Badischer Bahnhof BVB

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