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View from the Intercontinental Hotel

University Square (Template:Lang-ro) is located in downtown Bucharest, near the University of Bucharest. It is served by Universitate metro station.

Four statues can be found in the University Square, in front of the University; they depict Ion Heliade R?dulescu (1879), Michael the Brave (1874), Gheorghe Laz?r (1889) and Spiru Haret (1932).

The square was the site of the 1990 Golaniad, a peaceful student protest against the ex-communists in the Romanian government. The demonstrations ended violently when miners from the Jiu Valley were called in by president Ion Iliescu to restore order in Bucharest (see: Mineriad).

The Ion Luca Caragiale Bucharest National Theatre and the Intercontinental Hotel (one of the tallest buildings in Bucharest) are also located near University Square.


In 15th century, here was the northern limit of the city. Around 1700, the limit was already around what is today Roman Square.

In 1679 was built here the Princely School, which in 18th century will become Princely Academy (a sort of university) and in 1818 will become St. Sava National School, then in 1857 the University of Bucharest.

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