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The Deggendorf Institute of Technology, founded in 1994, is a business, media and technics Fachhochschule in Lower Bavaria, Germany. Apart from its undergraduate and graduate courses the Deggendorf Institute of Technology offers further education on university – level.

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President: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard Höpfl
Year of foundation: 1994
Location: Deggendorf (Bavaria)
Undergraduate courses: 8
Graduate courses: 5
Professors: 97
Visiting lecturers: 150
Employees: 233
Students: 5000 (WS13/14)
Proportion of women: 29,6%
Address: Edlmaierstrasse 6 + 8
94469 Deggendorf

International orientation

thumb Currently, students from more than 50 countries represent a multitude of ethnic, cultural and linguistic groups. Several universities from the following countries are cooperating with Deggendorf Institute of Technology: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China and Hong Kong, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, USATemplate:Citation needed

Undergraduate Courses of Study

  • Bachelor of Applied Computer Sciences (German)
  • Bachelor of Applied Economics (German)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (German)
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology (German)
  • Bachelor of International Management (English)
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management (German & other languages)
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (German)
  • Bachelor of Mechatronics (German)
  • Bachelor of Media Technology (German)
  • Bachelor of Engineering Physics (German)
  • Bachelor of Resources and Environmental Management (German)
  • Bachelor of Business Informatics (as a regular or exta-occupational option)
  • Bachelor of Civil and Construction Engineering (German)
  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management (German)

Further Education Bachelor Courses:

  • Bachelor of Business Management (German)
  • Bachelor of Mobility Management (German)
  • Bachelor of Health Care Management (German)

Faculty of Business Administration and Business Informatics

The Department of Business Administration is the largest at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. There are six degree programmes: Business Administration, Applied Economics, International Management, Tourism Management, Business Informatics and (part-time career-integrated)Business Information Systems.

Business Administration

This course prepares students to broad scope of tasks. Business economist work in many different areas such as Marketing, Controlling, Finance, Human Resourcs and Production in diverse economic sectors. (German)

Applied Economics


International Management

As a response to globalization the degree course International Management was created in the winter term 2003. (English)

Tourism Management

The degree course Tourism Management is aimed at students who wish to pursue a career in the regional and global tourism industry. Extensive business management, tourism specific knowledge, important social skills and important foreign languages such as English and Spanish are taught. (German and other languages)

Business Informatics

Graduates of Business Information Systems are needed by every organisations that want to manage their own ITC systems. Software development, databases, internetworking, business administration, company organisation and statistics, mobile applications, IT controlling, workflow management and SAP are taught.(German)

Business Information Systems

This courses is aimed at professionals who are busy in their working life but want to integrate a university degree to expand or even change their careers. (German)

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Faculty of Civil and Construction Engineering

The Department of Civil and Construction Engineering places a special emphasis on the fields of Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Law, Contract Procedures and Management. Special attention is also concentrated on the use of new media and computer technology. Certain facilities are used for research and technical development in active cooperation with regional industry. There are two degree courses.

Civil and Construction Engineering

This course deliberately covers a broad spectrum of knowledge. The aim is to provide a comprehensive basis of knowledge in the construction sector, as well as the application of latest technologies using computer based methods and software. (German)

Resources & Enviromental Management

This course teaches the impact that human interference has on the natural eco-system and how to maintain and improve these environmental resources. The core modules are maths, construction physics, thermodynamics, heat transmission and chemical topics such as renewable energy, building engineering or ecological construction. Extensive knowledge is also taught in the fields of economics and law.

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Media Technology

Applied Computer Sciences

This course teaches the necessary skills needed to design embedded systems, to programme applications for mobile devices and to process navigation, positioning and sensor data applications. (German)

Electrical and Information Engineering

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics

This faculty has two bachelor courses available:



Mechanical Engineering


> >

Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences & Industrial Engineering


Engineering Physics


Industrial Engineering

Students on this course are taught aspects of both business and technical disciplines. (German)

Postgraduate Courses

Consecutive Master Courses (German):

  • Master of Engineering – Civil and Construction Engineering
  • Master of Science – Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Master of Business Administration – Human Resources Management
  • Master of Engineering – Mechatronics
  • Master of Engineering – Media Technology and Production
  • Master of Business Administration – Strategic and International Management
  • Master of Science – Business Information Systems

Further Education Master Courses (German):

  • Master of Engineering – Automotive Electronics
  • Master of Business Administration – General Management
  • Master of Business Administration – Health Care Management
  • Master of Business Administration – Public Management
  • Master of Business Administration – Risk and Compliance Management
  • Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship: Establishing, Managing & Developing a Company

Exploratory Masters Course (German):

  • Applied Research Masters - Electrical Engineering and Media Technology


The Deggendorf Institute of Technology has developed interdisciplinary profiles for application - oriented research. Scientific results are further developed to marketable products, methods and services. Research at the DIT mainly concentrates on technical, business and organisational problems of smaller and medium - sized companies.

  • Profile 1: optical technologies, measurement engineering and production
  • Profile 2: informatics, communication and media
  • Profile 3: microelectronics, micro - systems - engineering and nanotechnology
  • Profile 4: materials
  • Profile 5: water and environment
  • Profile 6: e-learning and e-business
  • Profile 7: strategy, controlling, processes and organisation


thumb The Deggendorf Institute of Technology provides student facilities. These include:

  • Career Centre
  • International Office
  • Language Centre
  • Library
  • Computer Facilities
  • Student Advice
  • University - sports
  • Childcare Centre
  • Intercultural Programm

The International Office provides guidance and counselling to both German and international students.

The Language Centre teaches students oral ability as well as listening comprehension skills. German is offered as a Foreign Language course along with French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, English.


To meet the requirement of the economy the University of Applied Sciences has created new degrees courses of study (International Management, Computer Science for Business, Media Technology, Mechatronics). In the course of the Bologna Process all study degrees will be changed to Bachelor/ Master.

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