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Okwesilieze Nwodo, Nigerian Governor of Enugu State graduated from the Belgrade Medical School in 1984

The Belgrade Medical School (Template:Lang-sr) is a constituent institution of the University of Belgrade, which offers a wide range of academic courses in Serbian and English, including specialist practice within a network of hospitals, institutes and medical clinics. The School of Medicine includes 40 departments with over 200 professorships.


This School was established in 1920, when the first lecture was held by the anatomy professor Niko Miljani?. Since then, over 30000 students graduated from this institution, including circa 850 international students. The studies last 12 semesters and are organized within the integral curriculum (no departments and study groups). The training is conducted at the faculty’s institutes (basic subjects) and teaching bases of the faculty (clinical subjects).

English degree programs

The Belgrade Medical School offers a six-year program leading to a MD degree (Doctor of Medicine) for international students. The language of instruction is English and the curriculum corresponds to the same one as the Serbian students use. The studies are conducted within the school premises as well as teaching facilities in Belgrade, such as the University Hospital Center or Institute of Mental Health.

Notable alumni

Some of the school's famous students include: Svetlana Broz, Bujar Bukoshi, Živojin Bumbaširevi?, Bogdan ?uri?i?, Oliver Duli?, Vladimir S. Kosti?, Nebojša Krsti?, Ljubisav Raki?, Tomica Milosavljevi?, Miomir Mugoša, Okwesilieze Nwodo, Slobodan Obradov, Miodrag Pavlovi?, Milan N. Popovi?, Pasko Rakic, Nevenka Tadi?, Miodrag Radulovacki and Slobodan Uzelac.



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