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Template:Infobox station Utrecht Lunetten is a railway station located in Utrecht, Netherlands. The station originally opened on 10 June 1874 and is located on the Utrecht–Boxtel railway and the Hilversum–Lunetten railway (via Utrecht Maliebaan). The station closed on 15 May 1932. The station was re-opened on 25 September 1980. The services are currently operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

When new the station was just an interchange station between the Utrecht - 's-Hertogenbosch line and the Hilversum - Utrecht Lunetten services. There was no entrance/exit to the station, so its sole purpose was for the interchange of these lines.

Train services

The following services currently call at Utrecht Lunetten:

  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Utrecht - Geldermalsen - Tiel
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Utrecht - Geldermalsen - 's-Hertogenbosch

Two railway tracks are currently being added to the track around Utrecht Lunetten, possibly allowing for more frequent trains in the future.

Bus services

  • 1 - Utrecht Overvecht - Utrecht Centraal - Utrecht Lunetten
  • 8 - Overvecht Zuid - Utrecht Centraal - Utrecht Lunetten
  • 10 - Utrecht Lunetten - Transwijk - Oog in Al - Zuilen - Utrecht Overvecht - Wittevrouwen - Rijnsweerd - De Uithof (University)/ UMC (Hospital)
  • 31 - Utrecht Lunetten - Rijnsweerd - De Uithof (University)/ UMC (Hospital)

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