Valu lui Traian

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Template:Infobox settlement Valu lui Traian (historical name: Hasancea, Template:Lang-tr) is a commune in Constan?a County, Romania.

The commune was established in 1897, under the name Hasancea. In 1925 it was renamed Valu lui Traian (Trajan's Wall), after the vallum located nearby. In 1967, the village of Valea Seac? (historical name: Omurcea, Template:Lang-tr) was merged into Valu lui Traian, now the commune's only village.


At the 2002 census, 81.5% of inhabitants were Romanians, 15% Tatars, 2.1% Roma and 1.2% Turks. 82% were Romanian Orthodox and 16.1% Muslim. At the 2011 census, Valu lui Traian had 9,815 Romanians (85.71%), 6 Hungarians (0.05%), 213 Roma (1.86%), 3 Germans (0.03%), 191 Turks (1.67%), 1,189 Tatars (10.38%), 7 Lipovans (0.06%), 20 others (0.17%), 8 with undeclared ethnicity (0.07%).<ref name="INSSE"/>



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