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Template:Unreferenced Varga Studio, Ltd. is an animation studio located in Hungary. It is one of Europe's nine leading animation houses, and while most of its work is for European animation, it occasionally animates for American series as well. Varga has animated the following series and films:

  • The Animal Train (co-produced with TVC London)
  • Animaniacs (When You're Traveling skit only)
  • Angelina Ballerina (2001 series only)
  • As Told by Ginger (Pilot only)
  • Stressed Eric (Second season)
  • Baby Blues
  • Kipper
  • Percy the Park Keeper
  • Mr. Bean (animated version)
  • The Simpsons ("Do The Bartman" music video)
  • The Thief and the Cobbler (additional ink and paint)

In addition to these, Varga has worked on many early Simpsons Butterfinger advertisements as well as Simpsons music videos such as "Do The Bartman" and "Deep Deep Trouble". They were subcontracted for these specials so that the regular Simpsons studios like AKOM, Rough Draft Studios, and Anivision weren't burdened with extra work and could simply concentrate on animating full episodes.