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Template:Unreferenced thumb The Basel City Walls are a former complex of walls in the central part of the Swiss city of Basel. The first city wall was completed around 1080 under bishop Burkhard von Fenis. A newer wall was constructed around 1230, which is known as the Inner Wall. In 1362 the construction of a larger wall complex began due to the city's expansion; it was completed in 1398, and is known as the Outer Wall. In 1859 the city's executive decided to raze wall and gates to the ground. Three city gates and a short piece of the wall were saved from demolition and are being preserved as part of the city's heritage.

City gates

  • Inner Gate of Spalen
  • Inner Gate of Saint Alban
  • Inner Gate of Saint John
  • Inner Gate of Ashes
  • Gate of Steinen

West bank

  • Gate of Riehen
  • Gate of Blaise

Other wall buildings

  • Rhine Gate (at the old Rhine Bridge)
  • Letzi Tower (near the Gate of Saint Alban)
  • Thomas Tower (near the Gate of Saint John)
  • Rail gate (built in the 19th century along with the Alsatian railstation)
  • Gate of Brigitte (in the Saint Alban quarter)
  • Upper Rhine gate

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