West Ashfield tube station

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File:Ashfield House, West Kensington.jpg
Exterior view of Ashfield House from Cromwell Road

West Ashfield underground station is a mock-up London Underground District line station situated on the third floor of Ashfield House in West Kensington. It is used for staff training purposes and was opened in 2010 at a cost of £800,000.


Completed in 2009, the station is used by the London Underground for training staff and is laid out exactly as a real station would be, except it is significantly shorter, the anti-suicide pit is a painted effect and the train façade in the tunnel won't actually move into the station.

The single platform is nominally a westbound platform on the District line. Staff are able to run training sessions which reflect signal points, tannoy announcements and electricity power controls. A fan in an upper corner of the room simulates the familiar blast of air when a train arrives and the platform can vibrate to simulate the rumbling of an approaching train.



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