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Template:Infobox station Wien Liesing is a railway station in the 23 district of Vienna. The station is located Template:Convert southwest of Meidling station and is served by S-Bahn and most ÖBB Regional trains. The station was opened in 1841 along with the Southern Railway. The history Liesing brewery has been converted in 2010 to a shopping mall and is one block west of the station.


City Buses

  • 60A Liesing - Alterlaa

61A Voesendorf Siebenhirten - Liesing 62A Dörfelstraße - Liesing 64A Hetzendorf - Liesing 66A Reumannplatz - Liesing N61 Liesing - Maurer Hauptplatz N66 Kärtnerring, Oper - Liesing