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Template:Infobox UK school thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb Wilmington Grammar School for Boys (WGSB) is a grammar school with academy status in Wilmington, Kent. The school, which from 1954 to 1982 was called Dartford Technical High School, is a specialist Engineering school with a strong emphasis on Design Technology, Mathematics and Physics. The uniform consists of blue blazers, white shirts, grey trousers and different ties for each house within the school. Suits are worn in the sixth form. The school is situated directly alongside Wilmington Academy and has a bus service that also serves Dartford Grammar School for Girls, Dartford Grammar School and Wilmington Grammar School for Girls.


The school has the following departments: Science, Mathematics, Design & Technology, Business and Economics, Geography, History/Government and Politics, English, Art, Modern Languages (including German, French and Spanish), Media, Information Communication Technology, Religious Education, PE and Music.

There are 5 different houses in WGSB

Brunel, (Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Blue and a Purple Stripe)

Darwin, (Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Blue and a Silver Stripe)

Newton, (Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Blue and a Black Stripe)

Stevenson, (Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Blue and a Green Stripe)

Telford, (Dark Blue, Yellow, Light Blue and a Red Stripe)

Notable former pupils


  • Simon Beale, radio presenter with Heart 106.2 in London
  • Mackenzie Crook, actor (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)
  • Keith Richards, musician, The Rolling Stones
  • Michael Swanton, an authority on Old English literature and the Anglo-Saxon period

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