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Template:Refimprove Template:Infobox settlement Zwijnaarde is a village in the municipality of Ghent, Belgium. It is known for its fair and its Zwijntjes beer. A cluster of biotech companies is located at the Zwijnaarde science park, with biotech companies such as Innogenetics, and DevGen. In 2013 at Zwijnaarde, the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology was supervising a trial of 448 poplar trees genetically engineered to produce less lignin so that they would be more suitable for conversion into biofuels.

Different youth organisations are active in Zwijnaarde, such as Jeugdhuis Chaos, Chiro Ambo and KLJ Zwijnaarde.

Notable inhabitants

  • Karel van de Woestijne (1878–1929), writer
  • Gilbert Declercq (1946), painter, illustrator and comic-artist


  • DOMO Group, carpet manufacturer