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Amsterdamse Sport Vereniging De Dijk are a Dutch amateur football (soccer) club from the Amsterdam borough of Amsterdam-Noord, in the neighborhood of Schellingwoude. The club was founded on 1 June 1999 out of a fusion of two clubs, namely Rood Wit-A and ASV Schellingwoude. The club hold a Sunday team, competing in the Hoofdklasse A.


Rood Wit-A were founded on 13 April 1921 as VVA (Voetbal Vereniging Augustinus) joining the Katholieke Voetbalbund (Catholic football union). The name of the club was then changed to RKVVA, follwong the fusion of the IVCB and the KNVB, in order to tell them apart from VVA who were already competing in the KNVB. In 1957 the club the merged with the gymnastics and handball clubs SVA and VDO, as well as the table tennis club KK (Katholieke Kring), becoming an Omni sports club by the name of RKSV Rood Wit Amsterdam.

ASV Schellingwoude were founded on 23 July 1921 as VVS (Voetbal Vereniging Schellingwoude). The club competed in the NHVB at first, before joining the AVB, with both leagues being under the KNVB. A handball team was established as well during the clubs 25th anniversary, and the name was subsequently changed to Amsterdamse Sportvereniging Schellingwoude.

On 1 June 1999 the two clubs merged. The new team colors became Red-Blue-White, with the new name referring to the Schellingwouderdijk upon which the teams ground Sportpark Schellingwoude was built. In 2011 the clubs Sunday team won their third consecutive championship, when the team was promoted for three consecutive seasons. From the Vierde Klasse to the Eerste Klasse, followed by promotion to the Hoofdklasse.

Team Management

ASV De Dijk are the first football club in Amsterdam to have a completely separate Management Column for "Team Development", working exclusively on the teams position in society as a sports club. De Dijk is the first amateurs football club to partner with the John Blankenstein Foundation, by partnering with Right to Play the clubs'youth teams play with the RtP print on the shirt, while a portion of the proceeds are then donated to the cause of their charity.

Through active collaborative efforts, the team and its sponsors use the partnership as a means to promote team related activities, commonly in the name of teamwork and social responsibility.

Notable former players

Notable former players who have played in the youth ranks of the club include: Template:Col-begin


Hoofdklasse (Sunday clubs)


Eerste Klasse (Sunday clubs)


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