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Template:Infobox settlement Amsterdam-Noord (in Template:Lang-en) is an autonomous stadsdeel (borough) of Amsterdam. The area is located north of the IJ, the body of water which separates it from central Amsterdam and the rest of the city. On the northwest and northern side it borders the municipalities of Zaanstad (city Zaandam), Oostzaan, Landsmeer and Waterland.


  • Banne Buiksloot
  • Buiksloot
  • Buikslotermeer
  • Floradorp
  • Kadoelen
  • Landelijk Noord, the rural area with the villages Durgerdam, Holysloot, 't Nopeind, Ransdorp, Schellingwoude and Zunderdorp
  • Molenwijk
  • Nieuwendam
  • Nieuwendammerdijk en Buiksloterdijk
  • Oostzanerwerf
  • Overhoeks
  • Tuindorp Nieuwendam
  • Tuindorp Oostzaan


The area of Amsterdam-Noord is connected by two road bridges, the Schellingwouderbrug and Zeeburgerbrug (east), and three road tunnels, the Coentunnel (west), IJtunnel (centre) and Zeeburgertunnel (east) to other parts of Amsterdam. Furthermore there are 5 passenger ferries for pedestrians and bicycles. There are busses connections with the centre and other parts of Amsterdam and with Purmerend, Volendam and Zaandam. Because of the area's physical severance from the rest of the Amsterdam conurbation it is not served by tram or metro, although this might change if the projected North-South line would open in 2018.

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