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The Arnhem Business School (ABS) is the business school of the HAN University in Arnhem, the Netherlands. It offers Bachelor and Masters degrees in business, logistics and management. ABS programmes are taught in English, with about 600 students from more than 20 different countries. The main objectives of ABS are to enhance employability and internationalisation.

International focus

ABS’s international focus is reflected in the international themes of the study programmes and the great importance attached to students spending part of their time abroad. The presence of foreign lecturers and the relationships with a large number of foreign companies and institutes of higher education are also of great importance to the programme’s international positioning. ABS has agreements with about 80 partner institutes all over the world. Cooperation agreements include student and staff exchange programmes, joint research and the development of common projects and degree programs.<ref name="">[1]. HAN University. accessed 27/04/09</ref>

Academic reputation

The International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) programme in Arnhem has once again been rated as the best of 25 Dutch academic institutions. This is the 3rd time in a row that the English-language IBMS programme has been ranked first in the "Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs". This guide to higher education helps high school students choose a study programme. According to the guide to higher education 2009 are students extremely enthusiastic about the study’s content and relevance, and are very positive about HAN University of Applied Sciences teaching methods in Arnhem. The IBMS programme provides its students not only with the opportunity to gain practical experience, but also offers comprehensive insight into the professional field itself. IBMS also allows sufficient room for applied research.


Arnhem Business School features an extensive library which consists of 3 floors including quiet rooms, computer and multi-media facilities, an on-campus cafeteria & cafe, a (copy)shop and a 300 seat auditorium.<ref name=""/>

Student life

Student life at the ABS is dominated by extra-curriculum and an intensive social life in an international environment. Several organizations are actively working to enrich the lives of the 600 ABS students.

ABS - Student Council

The Council was set up late 2009 and is a student-only organization.

International Student Association

The International Student Association (ISA) creates leisure activities such as parties and trips to other cities to help students to socialize better in the international atmosphere of ABS.

Student Management Association

The Student Management Association (SMA) is the first business association managed by Arnhem Business School students. SMA is the place for students of ABS to develop their practical and organizational skills by organizing events and meetings between SMA departments, finding sponsors, brainstorming for new ideas and finally implementing them in to the real life. The SMA is known for organizing events such as: guest lectures, workshops and theme days/weeks.