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Template:Infobox station Basilica San Paolo is a station on the Line B of the Rome Metro. It was opened in 1955 and is located behind the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls (after which it is named) in the Ostiense quarter. It is also one of three Metro stations also served by the Rome-Lido railway line.

Before reaching the station the line, in the Porta San Paolo direction, runs through a 230m gorge excavated in the 1920s from the "Roccia di San Paolo" to avoid interfering with the landscape, rather than the original plan which ran the line around the "roccia" but ran it right alongside the basilica.


  • Parco Schuster Ildefonso
  • Garbatella
  • Tiber
  • University of Rome III
  • Vasca Navale
  • Ospedale CTO Andrea Alesini


  • via delle Sette Chiese
  • Lungotevere di San Paolo
  • Ponte Marconi

Sports venues

  • former Cinodromo
  • Stadio degli eucalipti


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