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Bordeaux municipal library is a listed municipal library situated in Bordeaux, in the Meriadeck neighbourhood. It is a central library linked to nine other neighbourhood libraries.


The Bordeaux municipal library was founded in August 1736. Jean-Jacques Bel, a friend of Montesquieu, bequeathed an important collection of documents to the Académie des sciences, belles-lettres et arts de Bordeaux, on condition that the library should be opened to the public. It was done as he wished in 1740. At the time, the library was situated in the Academy hostel. In August 1793 it was closed because of the suppression of the Academies, but was reopened three years later in March 1796 in Jean-Jacques Bel’s mansion.

After the French Revolution, in 1803, as with other private libraries, it was placed under the responsibility of the town.

In December 1891 the library moved to a redeveloped building which had been a Dominican order monastery. In December 1936, it became one of 37 French listed libraries. In 1939, a public subscription allowed Montesquieu’s written works to be acquired, included Le Spicilège and Les Pensées.

In 1944 the first district library was opened, on Cours Pasteur, and more than ten libraries were opened until 1990 Template:,.<ref name="ref1">Histoire de la bibliothèque : Nouveaux objectifs, nouveaux lieux sur le site de Bordeaux.</ref>

In June 1991 the Central Meriadeck Library was opened<ref name="ref1"/>; it measures 26000 m² (7200 m² accessible to the public), and stores nearly 1 million of documents among 300000 documents from collections relating to its cultural heritage (rare, precious, antique).



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