Bornstedt (Potsdam)

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Bornstedt is a borough of Potsdam, Germany. It is bordered by the Pappelallee and the Castle Park of Sanssouci to the south, the Amundsenstraße to the west, and by the Nedlitzer Straße to the north and east. Neighboring boroughs are Jägervorstadt in the south, Nauener Vorstadt in the east, Nedlitz in the north, and Bornim in the west.


  • Volkspark (formerly the Bugapark)
  • Bornstedter Feldflur
  • Bornstedt Crown Estate
  • Bornstedt Church, begun in 1854 by Friedrich August Stüler in the Italian style, it was finished by Reinhold Persius in 1881/82.
  • Bornstedt Cemetery, in which members of the Sello dynasty of court gardeners, the landscaper Peter Joseph Lenné, and the architects Ferdinand von Arnim, Ludwig and Reinhold Persius, as well as Johann Goercke and Ludwig Justi are buried.


  • The information in this article is based on a translation of its German equivlaent.