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Cannon Lane Junior School (formerly Cannon Lane Middle School) is a primary school in Pinner in the London Borough of Harrow. The school currently has around 360 pupils.


First built in 1934, the school was reorganised when the London Borough of Harrow adopted a comprehensive system of education and became a middle school. Thus, an additional wing was added in 1974 to accommodate Year 7 pupils.

In 2010 the London Borough of Harrow again reorganised its education structure, and the school became a junior school educating children ages 8 to 12 (academic years 3 to 6).


The uniform for all years, boys wear white shirts, with a sweater with a crew neck with brown and yellow stripes and grey trousers (shorts for summer). Girls wear white shirts, a sweater with yellow and brown stripes on the crew neck and a skirt (if comfortable). Pupils must wear black shoes, trainers are not allowed.

For P.E and other games, pupils must bring with them a plain white T-Shirt, shorts, trousers, trainers, plimsolls for indoor games, and a jumper when it is cold.

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