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The Catalonia College of Music (Template:Lang-ca; Template:IPA-ca) is a music school in Barcelona, Catalonia

The School is located in Barcelona at L'Auditori, a performing arts center inaugurated in 1999 which also houses three concert halls and is designated as the site of a museum of musical instruments. The school has an international faculty and student body, and includes departments for Classical and Contemporary Music, Early Music, Jazz and Popular Music, Traditional Music, Theory and Composition, Music Education, Music Business, and Sonology.


  • Albert Guinovart, composition
  • Josep Borràs, current principal of the college.
  • Kennedy Moretti, chamber music professor
  • Xavier Castillo, clarinet
  • Vicens Prats, flute
  • Vera Martínez Mehner, violin
  • Johan Duijck, choral conducting
  • Lutz Köhler, orchestra conducting

Performing ensembles

The school has several performing ensembles, including:

  • Orquestra i Cor d'Antiga de l'ESMUC - early music ensemble and choir.



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