Cemetery of Loyasse

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Template:Unreferenced thumb thumb The Cimetière de Loyasse is a cemetery in the city of Lyon, France. The cemetery is located on the Fourvière hill in the western part of the city, not far away from the Metallic tower of Fourvière and Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

It is the 'richer' cemetery of Lyon, when compared with the Cimetière de Guillotière, with lush graves in various architectural styles.

Notable interments

  • Pierre Bossan, architect of the Notre-Dame de Fourvière
  • Émile Guimet, 1836 - 1918, founder of the Guimet Museum
  • Édouard Herriot, 1872 - 1957, French Radical politician of the Third Republic who served three times as Prime Minister
  • Nizier Anthelme Philippe, 1849 - 1905
  • Jean-Pierre Pleney
  • Jean-Baptiste Willermoz

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