City walls of Nuremberg

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The Nürnberg City walls surrounding the old town of Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany. Built between 12th and 16th centuries they run for 5 kilometers (about 4 kilometers still standing) around the old town. The Nuremberg Castle together with the city wall is meant to be one of Europes most considerable medieval weir systems.<ref name="stadt">Günther P. Fehring, Anton Ress: Die Stadt Nürnberg. 2. Auflage bearbeitet von Wilhelm Schwemmer. Deutscher Kunstverlag, München, ISBN 3-422-00550-1, S. 152ff.</ref>

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  • commons:Stadtmauer Nürnberg Coding and pictures of wall towers and gates.
  • baukunst-nuernberg Map and photographs (German only)


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