Cranbrook School, Ilford

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Template:Unreferenced Template:Infobox UK school Cranbrook is an independent co-educational school, located in Ilford, Greater London, England. The Cognita Group own and operate the school. The school covers the full range of academic years from Nursery to Year 13. Pupils usually go on to university or into employment. They have merged with 'Glenarm College' (another Cognita school).


Cranbrook School (formerly known as Cranbrook College) was founded in 1896 as a boys only school. The school was acquired by Cognita Schools Limited in April 2007. In January 2011, Cranbrook and Glenarm Colleges integrated into a new site at Mansfield Rd, adjacent to the existing Cranbrook College campus. The schools, who share the same founder, have re-branded themselves under the new title of Cranbrook and are fully co-educational.


The school recently invested four million pounds into new building facilities.Template:Citation needed

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