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The drupa is the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world, held every four to five years at Messe Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The word drupa is a portmanteau of the German words druck and papier; print and paper respectively. Thousands of industry experts are usually present, and corporate representation typically includes companies such as Agfa Graphics, Océ N.V., Muller Martini, EIZO (Eizo Nanao Corporation), Hewlett-Packard, Punch Graphix, Flint Group, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Manroland, Kern, Pitney Bowes, Xerox, Kodak, Canon, Transeomedia, DirectSmile, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Martin Automatic, Siegwerk, Inspectron and Koenig & Bauer AG. Several new technologies are typically demonstrated during Drupa.

Key data

drupa-year Exhibition space in  m² Visitors from countries Exhibitors from countries Highlights President
Template:SortKey 18.450 195.185 527 from 10 „Platen Press“ with 5.000 printed sheets/h Hubert Sternberg
Template:SortKey 35.000 226.388 764 from 13 Stereotype-engraving machine Hubert Sternberg
Template:SortKey 43.000 185.936 688 from 13 Phototypesetting Hubert Sternberg
Template:SortKey 48.000 180.483 678 from 16 Offset printing Hubert Sternberg
Template:SortKey 57.785 214.694 945 from 19 Kreuzleger Hubert Sternberg
Template:SortKey 100.789 268.713 958 from 27 Small offset printing with 8.000 sheets/h Kurt Werner
Template:SortKey 99.639 284.806 1108 from 22 UV-hardening colors Kurt Werner
Template:SortKey 104.291 293.059 1275 from 29 Web offset printing Kurt Werner
Template:SortKey 122.711 373.656 1465 from 33 Data Exchange Kurt Werner
Template:SortKey 126.811 444.214 1760 from 36 Fully digitized machines and secondary systems Kurt Werner
Template:SortKey 142.056 385.098 1670 from 44 Computer to plate Hans-Bernhard Bolza-Schünemann
Template:SortKey 158.875 428.248 from 171 1943 from 50 Komplex solution providers Albrecht Bolza-Schünemann
Template:SortKey 161.000 394.478 form 127 1866 from 52 Networking, Book-on-Demand Albrecht Bolza-Schünemann
Template:SortKey 175.272 389.993 1968 from 53 Digital technologies Albrecht Bolza-Schünemann
Template:SortKey 165.159 314.500 1850 from 52 Hybrid-Technologie, Nano ink, Printed electronics Bernhard Schreier
Template:SortKey Claus Bolza-Schünemann

Theme song

Since 2000 every drupa had its own theme song. The idea started in 1986 with a song featuring a country folk style which was later nominated as one of the worst corporate anthems ever by The Register. Nevertheless they are one of the drupa trademarks since the theme song concept was resurrected with a dance/pop power ballad in 2000. The drupa 2004 theme song used a techno dance style while the song for 2012 was performed by Dirk Zeisler.

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