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Edmonton County School is a specialist technology college in Edmonton in the London Borough of Enfield in north London, England.


The Cambridge Campus (formerly the upper school up until the end of 2009/2010 academic year) buildings are the site which was used by the former grammar school on the Great Cambridge Road (A10) near Bush Hill Park railway station. The Bury Campus (formerly the lower school up until the end of 2009/2010 academic year) buildings are the site which was used by the former secondary modern school on Little Bury Street.


Grammar school

The school was founded in January 1919 as Edmonton Central School. It catered for both girls and boys, but originally they were taught in separate buildings. In 1922, Middlesex County Council took over the school from the Municipal Borough of Edmonton, and changed its name to Edmonton County Secondary School.

Later, the name was changed to Edmonton County Grammar School, reflecting the distinctions between types of secondary school in the Education Act 1944.


In 1967, it was amalgamated with Rowantree Secondary Modern School to form a comprehensive school and was renamed Edmonton School, but was often referred to as 'Edmonton County'. The school was given its current name of Edmonton County School in 1996. It was granted the status of a specialist technical college in February 2003.


The school motto, which is incorporated in the school badge, is Non nobis solum, which is Latin, and means 'Not for ourselves alone'.

Notable alumni

  • Kriss Akabusi, athlete
  • Kevan James, cricketer
  • Kelly Johnson, guitarist
  • Debbie Kurup, actress
  • Ray Winstone, actor

Edmonton County Grammar School

  • John Berry, speedway promoter
  • Prof John Hinch, Professor of Fluid Mechanics since 1998 at the University of Cambridge
  • Basil Hoskins, actor
  • Prof Annette Karmiloff-Smith CBE, psychologist researching language development
  • Larry Lamb, actor
  • Keith Mack, Controller of National Air Traffic Services from 1985-8, and Director General from 1989-93 of Eurocontrol
  • Colin Parnell, founder of Decanter (magazine)
  • Ronald Edward Perrin, organist
  • Prof John Graham Ramsay CBE, Professor of Geology from 1977-92 at the University of Zurich
  • Sir Roy Strong, historian
  • Norman Tebbit, Baron Tebbit of Chingford, politician

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