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The Forum Domshof (Template:Lang-de) is a sheltered area with a glass roof on the Domshof square in the centre of Bremen in northern Germany. It contains the Bistro-Café Alex, which was built in 1998.


In 1998/99, after the tram stop had been relocated, the Domshof-Forum was built to the design of the architect's office Joachim Schürmann. An almost horizontal glass roof was erected, supported by eight steel columns with a height of Template:Convert. The roof has a surface area of Template:Convert and is stabilised by delicate steel rope structures. The three-storeyed building below this roof which occupies approximately one third of the Domshof looks like giant glass containers piled up on top of each other. The floor space of Template:Convert allows for 150 seats. The Domshof Café consists of glass, steel, white square wall panels and white sun-protection blinds. The outdoor area below the roof offers a wide view across the Domshof. The building is operated by the Bistro-Café Alex.<ref name=bzb>Template:Cite web</ref><ref name=netz>Template:Cite web</ref>