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The Alsen bridge on the Griebnitz Canal
File:Griebnitzsee bis kleiner wannsee.png
Map showing the Griebnitz Canal and the lakes of Stölpchensee, Pohlesee and Kleiner Wannsee

The Griebnitz Canal, also known in German as the Griebnitzkanal or the Prinz-Friedrich-Leopold-Kanal, is a canal in the western suburbs of Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It consists of a chain of small lakes, the Stölpchensee, Pohlesee and Kleiner Wannsee, together with artificial channels linking them together.<ref name=bsiwg>Template:Cite book</ref>

The canal connects the Griebnitzsee, a lake on the course of the Teltow Canal, with the Großer Wannsee, a lake on the course of the River Havel. Including the three intermediate lakes, it has a length of Template:Convert and is navigable by boats with a draught of up to Template:Convert. It has no locks, but is crossed by three bridges, with a maximum clearance of Template:Convert.<ref name=bsiwg />



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