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Grosvenor Bridge, originally known as, and alternatively called Victoria Railway Bridge, is a railway bridge over the River Thames in London, between Vauxhall Bridge and Chelsea Bridge. Originally constructed in 1860, and widened in 1865 and 1907, the bridge was rebuilt and widened again in the 1960s as an array of ten parallel bridges.


The original bridge was constructed in the mid 19th. century in two stages: the first bridge was built by the Victoria Station and Pimlico Railway between 1859 and 1860 at a cost of £84,000 to carry trains into Victoria station; it was the first railway bridge across the Thames in central London. The engineer was Sir John Fowler.<ref name="engt"/>Template:Sfn

The bridge was widened on the eastern side for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway and London, Chatham and Dover Railway between 1865 to 1866, at a cost of £245,000. Sir Charles Fox was the engineer.<ref name="engt"/>Template:Sfn

In 1907 the bridge was widened again, on the western side, for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway.<ref name="engt">Template:Citation</ref><ref name="rm533">Railway Magazine, 1963, p.533</ref>

The bridge was rebuilt in 1963–67: the foundations were extended; the original piers encased in concrete; and the spans replaced with ten steel spans.Unknown extension tag "ref" To avoid disrupting traffic, the bridge was re-built with a separate span for each track. The designer for this work was Freeman Fox & Partners, and the project engineer was A. H. Cantrell, chief civil engineer of the Southern Region of British Rail.


On the north bank is Pimlico to the north and east and Chelsea to the west; the Lister Hospital and the Royal Chelsea Hospital lie immediately to the north west. On the south bank is Nine Elms to the east and Battersea to the west. Battersea Power Station is immediately to the south of the bridge, and Battersea Park to the south west.

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