Grove Park Depot and Sidings

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Grove Park Traincare Depot and Sidings is a railway depot in Lewisham, South East London. A sub-depotTemplate:Citation needed to Slade Green, the depot is situated approximately halfway between Hither Green Station and Grove Park station.

It consists of two sets of sidings,<ref name=GPD1>Quail Map 5 - England South [page 3] Sept 2002 (Retrieved 2011-08-30)</ref> one on either side of the Main line which are linked by a pedestrian overbridge. On the Down side are Bramdean sidings<Ref Name=GPD1 /> and the large carriage shed,<Ref Name=GPD1 /> whilst on the Up side are St Mildreds sidings<Ref Name=GPD1 /> and the Grove Park Safety Training Depot.<Ref Name=GPD1 /> There is also a drivers' depot<Ref Name=GPD1 /> located within the main building on the Down side.

The site is owned by Network Rail and operated by Southeastern Trains and provides berthing for a range of different EMUs. EMU types that are stabled there include Class 465 Networker, Class 466 Networker, Class 375 Express Electrostar, Class 375 Outer Suburban Electrostar and Class 376 Suburban Electrostar.

Nearby is Hither Green Traction Maintenance Depot (TMD), which is operated by Balfour Beatty Rail for their On-Track-Machines and Plant equipment.


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