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The InterContinental Paris Le Grand Hotel is a historic hotel in Paris, France, opened in 1862.


The hotel was inaugurated as Le Grand Hotel on April 5, 1862 by Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, and officially opened one month later, on June 30. The hotel's construction was part of the complete reconstruction of Paris supervised by Baron Haussmann at the time and it was built in the proscribed style, with a mansard roof. Filling an entire triangular city block, the hotel boasted 800 rooms on four floors for guests, with another whole floor for their servants.

The hotel has hosted royalty throughout its long history, including Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra, King Edward VII of England and Queen Rania of Jordan. Victor Hugo hosted parties at the Le Grand Hotel and Émile Zola used the hotel for the setting of the death of his tragic character Nana.

In 1869, James Gordon Bennett, Jr., publisher of the Paris Herald, the forerunner of the International Herald Tribune, met with Henry Morton Stanley in the hotel's Imperial Suite to convince him to make his famous journey to Africa in search of David Livingstone.

The hotel was owned for much of the mid-Twentieth Century by a group that also controlled the Hotel Meurice and the Hotel Prince de Galles. The three hotels were acquired in 1979 by Maxwell Joseph's UK-based Grand Metropolitan Hotels. When Grand Metropolitan acquired Inter-Continental Hotels the following year, they renamed the hotel Le Grand Hotel Inter-Continental Paris. The name has since been modified slightly to InterContinental Paris Le Grand Hotel.

Café de la Paix

The renowned Café de la Paix has been located on the ground floor of the hotel since it opened.

In Popular Culture

Roman Polanski set much of his 1988 film Frantic, starring Harrison Ford, at the hotel. While the interiors were all filmed at soundstages, numerous exteriors were shot outside the hotel.



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