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Template:Infobox university IMI University Centre in Switzerland is a private, International Management Institute founded in 1991. It offers International Hospitality courses in Hotel,Event, Restaurant, European Culinary and Tourism management at undergraduate level, all validated by Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK as well as a MBA in International Hospitality Management.  

As of January 2014 MAs in Event and Tourism Management and a new Luzern MBA with a choice of four specialisations will be available in addition to new undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Global Business Management.  

IMI graduates can be found in Senior Management positions all around the Globe.

Brief history

In August 1991 the International Management Institute was founded at the Hotel Waldstaetten in Weggis with 55 students. By 1995 180 students per semester were being taught at IMI. In 1997 the current campus was launched in Kastanienbaum 12 bus minutes away from Lucerne. Today, over 240 students are studying each academic semester at IMI which means the capacity of the current campus has been reached.


IMI Campus

IMI Kastanienbaum is overlooked by Pilatus (mountain) and is situated on the banks of Lake Lucerne.

Hotel Central

IMI University Centre has rented the three star Hotel Central in the centre of Luzern to accommodate its students.

New Campus

A new campus is being built in Kriens capable of accommodating 500 students. It is a new purpose built campus in a newly developed area called Eichof West. It will be ready in 2016.



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