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JOS Watergraafsmeer is an amateur football (soccer) club from the Amsterdam district Watergraafsmeer. Since 2010 the club has around 500 members registered. The Saturday team plays in the Derde Klasse, while the Sunday team competes in the Eerste Klasse in Dutch amateur football.


The clubs Sunday first team were promoted to the Hoofdklasse ahead of the 2009-10 season, where the finished in 3rd place. The top 3 clubs are automatically promoted leading to JOS competing in the Sunday Hoofdklasse A the following season, relegating back to the Eerste Divisie.

The club came into its current formation in 1995 after the fusion of two clubs from the same neighborhood, namely J.O.S. (Jeugd Organisatie Sportclub; founded 1920) and Watergraafsmeer (1988). The Watergraafsmeer club itself was a result of six clubs amalgamating into one, namely T.I.W. (Trainen Is Winnen, 1921), Amstel (1905), R.N.C., T.D.O. (Training Doet Overwinnen, 1915), W.M.H.O. (Wie Moed Houdt Overwint, 1934) and Ontwaakt (1923). Former manager and head coach of local giants AFC Ajax, Rinus Michels began his coaching career at J.O.S., managing the club from 1060 until 1964 before moving to AFC for a season, and then to Ajax a year later. Former Ajax player and Dutch Olympian Jaap Knol was the chairman of the club at the time. Former players who later made the step over to a professional club include Ruud Suurendonk, Johnny Beun, Jos Dijkstra and Ab Parree. JOS has been known to be a feeder club of sorts for AFC Ajax.

The singer Henk Hofstede of the Dutch pop group The Nits wrote the song "J.O.S. days" on the album In the Dutch mountains (1987) about the club. In the song he sings about the monument of War victims and speaks on the shameful fact of not being accepted at the club as the first born of the family. The monument of J.O.S. has since been demolished, there are however still monuments dedicated to fallen members of football clubs from the War that are still standing elsewhere in the Netherlands.



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