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Template:Unreferenced Kanarevo Brdo (Serbian Cyrillic: ???????? ????) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Rakovica.


Kanarevo Brdo is located in the northwestern section of the municipality, on the border of the municipality of Voždovac. It lies in the valley of the stream of Kaljavi potok, on its mouth into the Top?iderka river. It is bordered by the neighborhoods of Banjica, Top?ider and Lisi?ji Potok on the north, Košutnjak on the west, Rakovica on the southeast, Miljakovac I on the south and Miljakovac II on the east. The neighborhood is bounded by the streets of Patrijarha Dimitrija (west), Pere Velimirovi?a (north) and Borska (east and south).


Kanarevo Brdo developed on the right bank of the Top?iderka river, in southern section of the large park-woods Košutnjak and Top?ider, on the road connecting downtown Belgrade to, at that time, industrial suburb of Rakovica. It still remains mainly residential area, with two elementary schools (?ura Jakši? and Ivo Andri?), a medical centre, soccer field of the FK Rakovica and an open green market, with a population of 14,842 in 2002.