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Template:Ref improve Launcelot School, Downham, is a mixed, non-denominational primary and nursery school for 3-11 year-olds located on Launcelot Road, Downham Estate, Bromley, south east London, and was built at the same time as the surrounding housing estate.

House System (Historical Note)

The School was built at the time of the building of the Downham Estate in the 1920s and previously called Launcelot Road Infants and Junior School. The foundation of its teaching was Church of England, annual nativity plays were performed by pupils, harvest celebration events held when older residents of the estate were invited to the school each and every August.

It is one of four primary schools on the Downham Estate (the others being Rangefield Primary School, Good Shepherd Roman Catholic School and Downderry Primary School) but is the only one of the four to be named after one of the Knights of the Round Table and, for a time, employed a colour-coded 4-house system into which pupils were placed. These were Galahad (yellow) (in antiquity the son of Sir Lancelot), Bedivere (blue), Geraint (green) and Gawain (red). For further information on the link between the Downham Estate at the tales of the Knights of the Round Table reference should be made to Malory School, Downham.

OFSTED report, June 2005

The School last received an OFSTED inspection in June 2005. This found that whereas the levels of deprivation within the local area were high and the attainment in particular fields (communication, language, literacy, social and personal development) was low with school-beginners, the school is providing a 'satisfactory standard of education'. In 2004 the school was awarded a Healthy School Award and a Clean and Green Award.

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