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Le Sphinx was a brothel, which was opened in 1931 in Paris. In 1946, France outlawed all brothels.

Le Sphinx was among the most expensive and best known maisons de tolérance in the Paris of the 1930s. Other famous brothels included:

  • le Chabanais (opened in 1878)
  • le Montyon,
  • la Rue des Moulins,
  • le One Two Two (opened in 1926 and soon became the top address in Paris)

After the war, Marthe Richard, a town councillor in Paris who had been a prostitute herself, campaigned for the closure of all brothels, and the "loi de Marthe Richard" was passed on April 13, 1946, closing the legal brothels in France. Roughly 20,000 women were affected by this law and approximately 1400 houses closed.

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