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Mortsel-Liersesteenweg is a railway station in Mortsel, just south of the city of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. The station opened in 1933 as Mortsel-Oude-God on the Line 27. The station closed in 1939 and re-opened in December 2008.


Due to protests from residents and businesses, the station Mortsel-Oude-God was moved onto Line 25 in 1939. The station was renamed Mortsel-Liersesteenweg and was closed in 1939. In 2008 the station was re-opened for regular use.

Train services

The following services currently the serve the station:

  • InterRegio (b) Antwerp - Mechelen - Brussels - Nijvel (weekdays)
  • local service Antwerp - Mechelen - Brussels (weekdays)

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