Odeon Theatre (Bucharest)

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File:Teatrul Odeon.jpg
The Odeon Theatre

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For the theatre in Paris, see Odéon. For other uses of the term, see Odeon.

The Odeon Theatre (Teatrul Odeon in Romanian) is a theatre in Bucharest, Romania, located on Calea Victoriei, and is one of the best-known performing arts venues in Bucharest. As an institution, it descends from the Teatrul Muncitoresc CFR Giule?ti, founded 1946; it moved to its current location, the Sala Majestic, in 1974. In 1990, after the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the theatre changed its name from Giule?ti to Odeon. In 1993, it won the Romanian Theatre of the Year Award.

The theatre was built in 1911, and previously housed the Comedy Theatre of the Romanian National Theatre. It is part of a complex that includes a building with apartments and stores (to its north) and the Majestic Hotel (to its south).

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