Penya Rhin Grand Prix

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The Penya Rhin Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor racing event staged at the three different circuits in three different eras in Spain. The race was held intermittently over its history, sometimes for full-size Grand Prix cars, sometimes for sports cars. In the 1920s, it was held at a street circuit in Vilafranca del Penedès. In the 1930s the race was revived at a parkland circuit in Montjuïc. In the 1950s after the war it was held at the Pedralbes Circuit.

Year Driver Constructor Circuit
1954 Template:Flagicon François Picard Ferrari Pedralbes
Not held
1950 Template:Flagicon Alberto Ascari Ferrari Pedralbes
1949 Not held
1948 Template:Flagicon Luigi Villoresi Maserati Pedralbes
1947 Not held
1946 Template:Flagicon Giorgio Pelassa Maserati Pedralbes
Not held
1936 Template:Flagicon Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo Montjuïc
1935 Template:Flagicon Luigi Fagioli Mercedes-Benz Montjuïc
1934 Template:Flagicon Achille Varzi Alfa Romeo Montjuïc
1933 Template:Flagicon Juan Zanelli Alfa Romeo Montjuïc
Not held
1923 Template:Flagicon Albert Divo Talbot Villafranca
1922 Template:Flagicon Kenelm Lee Guinness Talbot Villafranca
1921 Template:Flagicon Pierre De Vizcaya Bugatti Villafranca
1920 Not held
1919 Template:Flagicon Santiago Soler David-MAG Villafranca
1918 Template:Flagicon Joaquín Cortes Ideal Villafranca
1917 Template:Flagicon Sebastián Nadal Ideal Villafranca
1916 Template:Flagicon José María Moré David-MAG Villafranca