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Rooms Katholieke Sport Vereniging Door Combinatie Groot also referred to as RKSV DCG, Door Combinatie Groot or simply DCG are a Dutch amateur football (soccer) club from Amsterdam.


The club was a result of a merger of three previous clubs on 11 Septembner 1945, namely DOSS (founded 6 November 1920), Constantius (27 February 1921 in the St. Johannes Bergmans patronaat) and Gezellen Vier (founded 9 April 1929 in de parochie van De Liefde, Da Costakade). Officially D.C.G. stands for Door Combinatie Groot. In 1968 the club achieved it's biggest success when their Sunday amateur team won the national amateur championship of the Netherlands.




Overall Sunday championship
Champion in 1968
District Cup West I
Winners in 1992

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