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The SIS Swiss International Schools are a group of 14 private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil offering continuous education from kindergarten through to college. As of 2013, 1,760 students are enrolled at SIS.<ref name="sisworld">SIS World 2012</ref>

SIS has been operating schools in Switzerland since 1999, in Germany since 2008, and in Brazil since 2011. It is a joint venture of Kalaidos Education Group (Switzerland) and Klett Group (Germany).


Designed to fulfill the educational goals of local as well as internationally mobile families, the SIS programme is centred on a consistently bilingual classroom instruction and peer experience in the national language and English, culminating in a diploma with national and international university entrance qualifications. SIS’ schools in Switzerland and in Germany are EFQM-certified.

The day schools, whose slogan is “International Education – Local Insight”, aim to foster their students’ development into “global citizens” through the following pillars:<ref name="sisworld"/>

  • Core Values: SIS has no ideological, political, or religious affiliations. It states “honesty, respect, personal responsibility, and keeping one’s word” as its core values.<ref name="sisworld"/>
  • Language: English and German (Portuguese in the case of the Brazilian school) play equal roles in school communication – in the classroom and in all parts of day-to-day school life. As a result, children learn to express themselves naturally and confidently in both languages.
  • Curriculum and Qualifications: Each SIS school’s curriculum is based on the regulations of that school’s state, supplemented by elements of international curricula. In addition, SIS pupils have the opportunity to complete their school’s state high school diploma and/or the International Baccalaureate (IB). The SIS branches that offer high school education (SIS Basel,<ref name="ibbasel">International Baccalaureate - SIS Swiss International School Basel</ref> SIS Zürich<ref name="ibzurich">International Baccalaureate - SIS Swiss International School Zürich</ref>) are accredited IB World Schools. SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach is an IB Candidate School, planning to implement the IB Diploma Programme in 2014.<ref name="sisworld"/>
  • Transition between levels and branches: With kindergarten and primary schools in one institution (and secondary in the case of SIS Basel and Zürich), SIS claims to ensure a smooth transition from each level to the next, as well as from one branch to another.


In 1999, the Minerva School in Basel opened up a bilingual branch, which subsequently became the SIS Swiss International School. The pioneering class of SIS Basel consisted of four students. Shortly thereafter, the first bilingual institutes in Zurich and Winterthur were founded, and in 2008, SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach opened as SIS’ first school in Germany. In the time since then, additional branches have been added, and as of 2013 more than 1,760 students are enrolled in the 13 schools that are operating in Switzerland and Germany. Furthermore, SIS Brazil opened its first campus in Brasilia in 2011. Currently, 50 students are attending SIS Brasilia.<ref name="sisworld"/>

Schools in Switzerland

Campus Location Founded Levels Offered # of Pupils Comments
Basel Erlenstrasse 15
CH-4058 Basel
1999 Kindergarten
Primary School
530 offers the Swiss Matura and the IB<ref name="ibbasel"/>
Männedorf Seestrasse 57
CH-8708 Männedorf
2009 Kindergarten
Primary School
Rotkreuz-Zug Suurstoffi
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
2012 Kindergarten
Primary School
Schönenwerd Schachenstrasse 24
CH-5012 Schönenwerd
2010 Kindergarten
Primary School
Suhr Reiherweg 2b
CH-5034 Suhr
2012 Kindergarten 20
Tamins-Chur Aligstrasse 5
CH-7015 Tamins
2010 Kindergarten
Primary School
Winterthur Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8406 Winterthur
2001 Kindergarten
Primary School
Zürich Seidenstrasse 2
CH-8304 Wallisellen
2005 Kindergarten
Primary School
Secondary School
140 offers the Swiss Matura and the IB<ref name="ibzurich"/>
Zürich-Wollishofen Seestrasse 271
CH-8038 Zürich
2000 Kindergarten
Primary School

Schools in Germany

Campus Location Founded Levels Offered # of Pupils Comments
Stuttgart-Fellbach Schmidener Weg 7/1
D-70736 Fellbach
2008 Preschool
Primary School
Secondary School
280 will offer the German Abitur, IB is projected
Friedrichshafen Katharinenstrasse 55
D-88045 Friedrichshafen
2009 Preschool
Primary School
Secondary School
100 will offer the German Abitur, IB is projected
Ingolstadt Jurastrasse 2
D-85049 Ingolstadt
2009 Preschool
Primary School
Secondary School
120 will offer the German Abitur, IB is projected
Regensburg Dr. Robert-Eckert-Strasse 3
D-93128 Regenstauf
2010 Preschool
Primary School
Secondary School
60 joined SIS group in 2010, will offer the German Abitur, IB is projected

School in Brazil

Campus Location Founded Levels Offered # of Pupils Comments
Brasilia SGA/SUL, Quadra 905, cj B
BR-70390-050 Brasília - DF
2011 Kindergarten
Primary School



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