Santa Elisabetta delle Convertite

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Template:Infobox religious building The church of Santa Elisabetta delle Convertite is an old church on via de' Serragli in Florence, Italy, now Georgian Orthodox.

The church was built in 1330 as part of a monastery founded in 1285 by a brother of Beata Umiliana de' Cerchi. The monastery was intended to house penitent prostitutes, who had decided to convert to a more moral lifestyle, as a plaque on via del Campuccio, on the wall of the former convent, declares. The monastery belonged to the third order of Franciscans. In 1624 the building incorporated the birth house of Saint Phillip Neri (born 1515). In 1808 the monastery was suppressed; it has had a number of subsequent uses. The church has a ceiling fresco depicting the Glory of St Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi by Alessandro Gherardini. While many of it famous works are now dispersed, it still contains an Adoration of the Shepherds by Michele di Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio. The structure was restored by Giuseppe Castellucci in the 1900s.

Works (1491-1493 circa) by Sandro Botticelli once in Santa Elisabetta delle Convertite

  • Now at Courtauld Gallery
    • Pala delle Convertite
  • Now at Philadelphia Museum of Art
    • Magdalen listens to Christ preaching
    • Feast in House of Simon
    • Noli me tangere
    • Communion and assumption of the Magdalen


  • Translated from Italian Wikipedia