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Template:Infobox UK school St. Paul's School, Winchmore Hill, London, United Kingdom is a primary school in the London Borough of Enfield. It is a voluntary-aided Church of England school within the Diocese of London.

Location and catchment area

The school lies in Ringwood Way within the ecclesiastical parish of St Paul's, Winchmore Hill, London N21, near Vicars Moor Lane, Winchmore Hill railway station and the line to Grange Park railway station. Because it is a voluntary aided school, it does not officially have a catchment area. However, in addition to children from the parish of St. Paul's, it also caters especially for children from other neighbouring parishes: Holy Trinity, Winchmore Hill; St John the Evangelist, Palmers Green, London N13, and St Peter's, Grange Park.


St Paul's can trace its history back over 200 years to the original village schoolroom of the late eighteenth century, which is still standing on Church Hill. The written records of the school go back to the foundation of the Winchmore Hill National School, adjacent to St Paul's Church, which opened in 1862, the present school buildings date from the early 1960s. The school was originally built as a one form entry school; it now takes a full two forms of entry (60 per year group) and there are 420 pupils on roll in total. The school is popular and places are invariably oversubscribed by far.

School association

The Friends of St Paul's School Winchmore Hill, (FOSPS) is an association which was formed in 1958. It consists of the governors, staff and parents of the school and members of St Paul’s Church and as a registered charity raises money each year to purchase additional equipment for the school.

Aims and achievements

As a Church school,the curriculum is based on Christian beliefs and values. The school caters for the full ability range and there is a significant number of children with special educational needs of one kind or another on roll. In 1997 the school achieved the national standard for the 'Investors in People' award, and was successfully re-assessed against the standard in March 2000, April 2003, and April 2006.


The unirom consists of a white shirt, red and yellow striped tie under a red jumper with grey trousers for boys, and a white blouse, red and yellow striped tie and red jumper with grey skirt and tights for girls in the winter and a pink and white dress with an optional red jumper in the summer. The school colour is red. The motto, which is incorporated in the badge, is 'Zeal with Truth'. The badge also depicts two crossed swords and an oil lamp, drawn in gold on a red background.

Head teachers

  • Sally Moore 2005-present
  • Malcom Hudson 1994-2005
  • Peter West 1970s-1994
  • James Gayler OBE 1938-1971

Leslie Smith, OBE was chairman of the school’s governing body from 1981 to 2002.

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