Tour Pey-Berland

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File:Bordeaux Tour Pey Berland 3.jpg
Tour Pey Berland (east view)

Tour Pey-Berland, named for its patron Pey Berland, is located in Bordeaux at the Place Pey-Berland next to Cathédrale Saint-André.


Its construction was from 1440 to 1500 at the initiative of the archbishop of the same name. Crowned a steeple, it has remained isolated from the rest of the Cathedral to protect the Cathedral from the vibrations of the bells. After the completion, the church had initially no money for the purchase of bells, therefore the tower was used for housing until 1790. After 1790, a lead factory was set up in the tower. Bells were installed after 1851 and the tower began to be used for its original purpose.