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Template:Unsourced Tregunter Road is a residential street in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London.

This road runs between The Boltons and Redcliffe Gardens. The street is very wide and there is a great feeling of space and light.

The houses are large three-storey houses (plus basement). They are semi detached with stucco up to first floor levels. A few of the houses are painted entirely in white. They have large front gardens and are well set back from the road. The road is tree lined.

Tregunter Road was developed in a relatively haphazard way by a variety of builders on the Gunter Estate.

The first houses to be built were Nos. 13-23 which were leased by Robert Gunter I to nominees of the builder H J Clarke in 1851-2.

Robert Gunter I died in 1852 and it was his son, Robert Gunter II who leased Nos. 1 and 3 to James Bonnin junior in 1852, Nos. 5-11 (odd) to Stephen Peirson in 1853-4, and Nos. 2-16 (even) to John Spicer in 1857-9. Pierson’s houses sold rather faster than Bonnin’s, possibly because Bonnin had gone against the standard London house pattern and had placed the staircase between the front and back rooms.

The rest of Tregunter Road fell in the part of the estate owned by James Gunter II. Work began later here and Corbett and McClymont were in control, either taking leases in their own names or introducing builders to do the work.

From 1864-6 A M Greig took the leases of Nos. 25 and 27, J H Strudwick, an architect, took Nos. 20 and 22, Joseph Temple and William Forster took Nos. 37-51 (odd), and John Beale took Nos. 28-34 and Nos. 38-42 (while a nominee for Corbett and McClymont took No. 36). Corbett and McClymont themselves took Nos. 24 and 26, and Nos. 29-35 (odd).

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