Victory Square, Bucharest

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Office buildings in Pia?a Victoriei, Bucharest, Romania

Victory Square (Template:Lang-ro) is a major intersection in central Bucharest, where Calea Victoriei, Lasc?r Catargiu Boulevard, Iancu de Hunedoara Boulevard, Kiseleff Boulevard, Ion Mihalache Boulevard and Nicolae Titulescu Boulevard cross.

Important public buildings

Here is a list of some of the most important public buildings:

  • Headquarters of the Romanian Government (named Victoria Palace after the square).
  • Grigore Antipa Bucharest Natural History Museum.

Office buildings

Here is a list of some of the tallest office buildings:

  • Bucharest Tower Center, the 2nd tallest building in Bucharest and Romania
  • BRD Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Bucharest

Future plans

There are plans to replace the parking lot opposite of Victoria Palace with a statue of Maxim Pandelescu, a general in the Romanian Army during World War II as well as a famous anti-communist guerrilla leader.

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