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Whitehorse Manor Junior School is a junior school for pupils aged between 7 and 11 years. The school is located in Thornton Heath. In April 2011 the school became part of the first Academy Trust in Croydon and the running of the school became part of the responsibility of the Pegasus Academy Trust, a public company limited by guarantee. The Executive Headteachers of The Pegasus Academy Trust are Jolyon Roberts and Lynne Sampson. The school caters for pupils from Year 3 to Year 6. The uniform of the school is a burgundy sweatshirt with the school logo, white shirt and grey trousers or skirt. The school is expanding from 2 to 3 form entry and there are currently 300 pupils on roll with a maximum of 30 pupils in each of 10 classes. The current Head of School is Nina Achenbach, BA (QTS), NPQH.

The school is famous for producing England football hot prospect Wilfred Zaha.


The school was opened in 1892 and has a complicated history - having undergone a great many re-organisations. Dr Ron Cox, consultant archivist to the Education Department of the London Borough of Croydon, lists the chronological story as follows:

  • 1892-1911
    Three schools (apart from the infants) opened on the Whitehorse Road site: Whitehorse Road Junior (Mixed) school, Whitehorse Road Senior boys' school, Whitehorse Road Senior girls' school.
  • 1911-1930
    In 1911 Whitehorse Road Junior (Mixed) school closed and the pupils moved into the respective boys and girls departments of the two senior schools therefore giving Whitehorse Road (Post-Infants) boys' school and

Whitehorse Road (Post-Infants) girls' school.

  • In 1921 as part of a general re-organisation of school names the Whitehorse Road schools were re-designated "Whitehorse Manor".
  • 1930-1955
    In 1930 there was a substantial re-organisation. All the Whitehorse Manor senior girls moved to another local school, Ecclesbourne, and all the Ecclesbourne senior boys moved to Whitehorse Manor. All the Whitehorse Manor junior boys moved to Ecclesbourne and all the Ecclesbourne junior girls moved to Whitehorse Manor. On the Whitehorse Manor site this left Whitehorse Manor Senior (later secondary modern) boys' school and Whitehorse Manor Junior girls' school.
  • 1955-1961
    In 1955, doubtless because of the inadequacy of the facilities, Whitehorse Manor secondary modern boys' school closed and pupils and staff were transferred to other schools in the area. This left Whitehorse Manor Junior girls' school.
  • 1961 to 2011
    The closure of Ecclesbourne Junior boys' school meant these pupils transferred to the Whitehorse Manor site and were combined with the girls which left a single school, Whitehorse Manor Junior (Mixed) school.
  • From April 2011
    The school became part of the Pegasus Academy Trust.

Agnes Mason, an associate of D. H. Lawrence taught at this school for some years until Davidson Road School opened in 1907 when she went there to teach with Lawrence. A penetrating description of the school and its staff at that time is to be found in Helen Corke's book In our infancy:an autobiography, Part 1 1882-1912. She too was an associate of Lawrence.


The Headteachers of the school have been:

Whitehorse Manor Junior School 1892-1911

From To Headteacher
4 July 1892 26 August 1911 Amelia Corney

Headteachers of Whitehorse Manor Senior Girls' School 1892-1961

From To Headteacher
14 June 1892 31 March 1903 Miss Mary A Smyth
1 April 1903 31 August 1905 Miss Lily Thornton
1 September 1905 30 September 1916 Miss Annie Ada Malin
1 Oct 1916 31 Dec 1919 Ethel M Mayhew
1 Jan 1920 31 Dec 1934 Mrs. Lily Crittenden
1 January 1935 31 December 1957 Miss M.H Stafford
1 January 1958 31 March 1961 Mrs Joan C. Grunberg (Acting)

Headteachers of Whitehorse Manor Senior Boys' School 1892-1955

From To Headteacher
14 June 1892 31 Dec 1900 Mr William Hooper
1 January 1901 31 August 1911 Mr James Boys Edwards
1 September 1911 31 December 1919 Mr William Field
1 January 1920 31 Jan 1945 Mr Samuel J Cook
1 February 1945 31 August 1955 Mr Alfred Gregory

After spending some years as Headteacher of Sydenham Junior Boys Mr Alfred Gregory returned as Headteacher of the new Junior (Mixed) school in 1961

Headteachers of Whitehorse Manor Junior (Mixed) School

From To Headteacher
1 April 1961 31 August 1971 Mr Alfred Gregory
1 September 1971 31 December 1983 Mr Ernest Morgan
1 January 1984 31 August 1989 Mr Di Davis
1 September 1989 31 December 1989 Miss Teresa McBain (Acting)
1 January 1990 22 April 1990 Mrs P Griffiths (Acting)
23 April 1990 30 April 1993 Ms Yvonne Stewart
1 May 1993 31 August 1993 Miss Teresa McBain (Acting)
1 September 1993 31 December 2000 Mrs Frances McGregor
1 January 2001 18 April 2004 Mr Alexander Clark
19 April 2004 31st August 2011 Mr Jolyon Roberts

In April 2011 the school became part of the Pegasus Academy Trust together with Whitehorse Manor Infant School and Ecclesbourne Primary School. The Executive Headteachers of The Pegasus Academy Trust are Jolyon Roberts and Lynne Sampson

Head of School of Whitehorse Manor Junior (Academy) School

From To Head of School
1st September 2011 (Present) Ms Nina Achenbach

Notable alumni, faculty and staff

  • Wilfred Zaha (footballer)



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